Companion Plants

Following is a list of proven plant companions and enemies, that is, plants that prosper in the company of other plant species and plants to actually hinder growth.

Plant			Likes				Dislikes
Amaranth 		Potatoes, onions, corn		-----
(keep thinned)

Anise			Coriander			-----

Asparagus		Parsley, tomatoes		Mint

Basil			Tomatoes			Rue

Beans (all)		Carrots, cauliflower,		onions, garlic
			cukes, cabbage, potatoes	shallots, chives
			celery, strawberries		gladiolus

Broad Beans		Corn (likes particularly)	kohlrabi

Pole Beans		radishes			sunflowers, beets
			(like particularly)

Bee Balm		tomatoes			field mustard

Borage			strawberries			-----

Nasturtiums		around fruit trees		-----

Broccoli & Cabbage	Dill, celery, camomile,		tomatoes, pole
			sage, potatoes, beets,		beans strawberries
			onions, peppermint, rosemary

Carrots			Onions, radishes, lettuce,	Dill
			tomatoes, peas, chives

Cauliflower		Celery				tomatoes, dill,

Celeriac & Celery	Leeks, tomatoes,		corn
			Bush beans

Collard Greens		Tomatoes			-----

Coriander		Anise				Fennel

Corn			Morning Glory, potatoes,	-----
			beans, cukes, pumpkin, squash,
			melons, sunflowers

Cukes			Morning Glory, potatoes,	potatoes &

			beans, cukes, pumpkin, 		aromatic herbs
			squash, melons, sunflowers

Dill			Cabbage				Carrots

Eggplant		Green Beans			-----

Fennel			-----				most plants

Flax			Carrots & potatoes		-----

Kohlrabi		Onions, beets, cukes		strawberries
							tomatoes, pole beans

Lettuce			Onions, strawberries,		-----
			carrots, cukes radish

Lily of the Valley	-----				Narcissus

Pumpkin			Corn				potatoes

Radish			Beets, spinach, carrots,	Hyssop
			parsnips, cukes, squash

Rhubarb			Columbines, roses,		-----
			wallflowers, garlic, onions

Sage			Cabbage family, carrots		cukes

Spinach			strawberries			-----

Sunflowers		cukes				potatoes,
							pole beans

Two-Level Planting Companions

Vegetables which occupy different soil strata often make good companions. Among these are asparagus with parsley and tomatoes, beets with kohlrabi, beets with onion, leek with vine plants, garlic with tomatoes, carrots with peas and strawberries with bush beans.

Many combinations like this are possible, enabling the gardener with little space to virtually double the yield of her/his garden, and at the same time improve the health and flavour of the vegetables planted together.

Do not plant together plants that are competing for the same space and light, such as sunflowers and pole beans, or plants whose root excretions react unfavourably on each other, such as carrots and dill.

Happy Planting!